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Maxi Premietto Manzo

Pack 100 pc

62,37 VAT included

Maxi Premietto Manzo

Pack 100 pc

62,37 VAT included

The 1st snack for dogs that combines good and healthy.
A monoproteic snack made with only high quality human grade beef, without preservatives or food coloring.

Extra large prizes for big and medium-sized dogs, in box of 100 individually packed snacks.

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Product description

Maxi Premietto for dogs based on human-grade beef meat

Made entirely with muscle meat of the best selections. Single-protein, with human-grade beef, without preservatives, it is free of added sugars and dyes.

Beef flavored complementary food for dogs, in a box of 100 individually packaged snacks.

Once opened the packaging, store it in a cool and dry place (15°C - 22°C).

Nutrition facts

  • Categoria: Maxi Premietto
  • Contents: n.100 maxi prizes in single-dose packs.
  • Ingredients: Carne di MANZO, Sodio di cloruro 3%, Aromi, Spezie, Destrosio.
  • Contenuti analitici: Proteins 34%, fats 17%, ashes 5%, humidity 44%.
  • Energy value: Kcal 288 per 100g
  • Preservatives: Sodium nitrite.
  • Antioxidants: Sodium ascorbate.
  • Instructions for use: Serve as it is.