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Big Pack Pranzo Pollo

n.28 packs

Starting from 62,24

Big Pack Pranzo Pollo

n.28 packs

Starting from 62,24

The complete food for your dog.
A hamburger made with only high quality human-grade chicken meat, carrots and potatoes, no animal flours and gluten-free.
Contains 28 packs of 90g or 200g.

The real alternative to homemade cuisine.

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Product description


The real alternative to homemade cuisine.
Complete food for your dog, which can be used both as a replacement and as a supplement to the typical croquette meal.
The innovative processing method allows the product not to lose the important vitamin and protein supply of the raw materials and to be able to keep it out of the fridge (0°C-25°C). Do not expose to sources of heat or light.


  • 100% monoproteic.
  • Grain free.
  • Without dyes.
  • Gluten free.
  • With Omega and mineral salts.

Nutrition facts

  • Categoria: Pranzo
  • Ingredients: Chicken meat 66% - Fibers 6%, Carrots 9%, Potatoes 9%, 1% Sunflower oil, flavors, sodium chloride
  • Analytical constituents: Crude protein 13%, crude oils and fats 16%, ashes 1.7%, crude fiber 6.5%, humidity 64%
  • ENERGY VALUE: Kcal 190.45 for 100 gr.
  • Preservatives: Sodium nitrite
  • ADDITIVES: Antioxidant, sodium ascorbate
  • Instructions for use: To serve as such, 90 g of food each 5 kg of dog weight, 2 times a day. The amount can be changed at the discretion of the veterinary surgeon. Drinking water should always be available.